Moments that matter


Moments that matter 2013

2013 was a great year for me in so many ways; I had many moments that matter throughout the year each adding to the warmth that glow within.

Bean gave me a massive percentage of those moments with all of his “firsts” that 2013 had in store. His first taste of food while weaning him (the facial expression that I will treasure forever), his first moment of self-transport as he crawled his way across the floor followed weeks later by his first few steps. His first words first climb and first tumble. His first proper kiss to show you his affection and his found love of animals. The list could go on and on.


Another first of Beans but a big one……his first birthday! This is such a strange one because its kind of a emotional roller-coaster. The amount of love we felt from all our friends and family was also very overwhelming.


A great moment that stands out for me in 2013 is lying on my husband’s chest on the hill at Glastonbury music festival under the Glastonbury sign, with the sun shining and just feeling relaxed and loved. It is moments like that that make you feel at peace with the world and that nothing could get you down.


Glastonbury Festival was an experience with many moments that matter all rolled into one. I went with a fairly large group in 2013, my Glastonbury family, all of which I have great memories with.


Seeing my aunty for the last time before she passed away. That was a big moment as I was able to say goodbye and show I care. It was also very hard as my cousin wasn’t sure if she was going to make it in time to say good-bye and I had to relay a message, letting her know she was on her way. Luckily my cousin made it back in time.

A shopping trip in Brighton with my oldest and best friends. The moment when you are all sitting round the table laughing so hard your ribs hurt, at something that no one else would understand. I felt 16 for the whole day; I truly am blessed to have them in my life so I have moments like this to remember.

Harrys christening, a celebration spent with many friends and family.


I really did have an amazing 2013 by just enjoying the small things that life gave me. There was some sadness but it was mainly good times. I really could go on about my moments that mattered in 2013 but I think I will leave it there for now.

It really has been great reflecting on last year, thanks to Lloyds and Emma’s blogging competition or I probably wouldn’t have done it.

Day 30: List 5 things you would hope to be remembered for.


Day 30: List 5 things you would hope to be remembered for.

I am doing this a little different. I would hate for everyone to remember me the same, so I’m splitting them into five groups instead and how I want each group to remember me.

1.From my family, a loving mother who gave everything to her children and husband including love, knowledge, fun, confidence, joy, focus, inspiration, support, friendship, time and so much more

2. From my friends, a fun girl who made them laugh and who was always there for support and someone who they could go to in their time of need. Someone who lifted them up out of darkness and supported them in the light.

3.From the stranger in the street, the kind stranger who once helped them out.

4.To world someone who they wish they got to know a little better as I had inspired them or given them some knowledge.

5. To my husband, a happy go lucky wife who had always supported him with everything he wanted to do. Someone who always knew how to put a smile on his face, some laughter in his belly and some passion in his heart. Fun. And of course as the sexiest, most beautiful women he had ever seen.

So that is it, my 30 day blog challenge is complete!

Day 29- What do you think people misunderstand the most about you?


I can’t believe that I nearly made the whole 30 days without missing one day of doing the blog challenge. What with work, mummy duties and then a much needed night out with friends for mummy and daddy time yesterday, left little time to write and post the day 29 of the 30 day blog challenge, for that my beautiful readers I am very sorry……. whats that?was it worth it? hell yeah!

Day 29: What do you think people misunderstand the most about you?

Easy! My humour and they way I see the world.

My friends say that my humour is one of the greatest things about me however if you don’t know me, I think it can be hard figure me out. I love to laugh and find humour in most things; I would say I am quick, sarcastic, dirty, dry, simple and silly all in one. I do however know when to shut up (most of the time) and around new friends or certain group of friends I find myself holding a lot back. My husband says my humour is complex! I am not sure if that is a good thing!

The way I see the world and my humour kind of link most of the time. Apparently my look on life and the way I see the world isn’t always “normal” but what is normal these days? I notice the most random thing too. It’s a hard one to explain!

Tonight I will post day 30- List 5 things you would hope to be remembered for. I have done this slightly different.

Day 28- What is your love language?


Day 28: What is your love language?

I am a simple girl who doesn’t ask for much and my love language is all about the free stuff.

Quality time together, one on one, time to talk and connect. Quality time with your lover is hard to maintain sometimes as it can be taken for granted. You may see each other every day and forget how important it is for some “us time”. My husband and I try to go on a date once a month, something we have let slip recently!

Hugging. I love my cuddles; they make you feel close and together.

Laughter. A good way of getting the endorphins going, making you feel good. It is important to have fun together still.

And of course last but no means least sex. When done with someone you love there is no other language quite as powerful.

Day 29: What do you think people misunderstand the most about you? I think this will be an easy one for me!

Day 27- What is your favourite part of your body and why?


Day 27: What is your favourite part of your body and why?

My eyes, I love the color and they truly are the windows to my soul. People who know me well can often tell how I’m feeling through my eyes. It sounds very cheesy but its true.

With three days left, it’s time to get hot under the collar tomorrow as I will answer what is my love language?

Day 26- What popular notion do you think the world has wrong?

Day 26: What popular notion do you think the world has wrong?

Here is my top five:

 You own the person who you are in a relationship with! WRONG!

I see or hear about this so many times. A partner not “letting” someone do something, telling them what to wear, who they can see or just being controlling. You are two separate people and it is healthy to have a life away from each other. Yes it is polite to check if you have plans together before making other arrangements and yes you should do things together but who are you to tell someone they can’t do something? You will destroy the person you are meant to love if you don’t let them be themselves.

You’ll pick that child up too much or spoil him with too much love! Wrong!

Oh please how can you spoil a child by making them feel secure, loved and wanted? If that is spoiling, more children in the world should be spoilt. Make the most of it, they won’t want to be hugged forever, but they will always want to feel loved.

 Material things show wealth. Wrong!

“Some people are so poor all they have is money” and is my favorite quote. I would rather be rich with love and have little money, then rich with money and poor with love. Wealth is much more then money and objects.

 Breastfeeding in public is wrong! Wrong!

Get over yourself or stay at home. This is one of the most natural things. A lot of new mothers struggle to get the confidence to breastfeed in public without narrow-minded people adding to it.

 The world owes me a favour because I……! Wrong!

The world owes you nothing, if you want something go out and get it. Sure you may have done this or that or didn’t have one thing or another, that my friend is life. Don’t dwell on things, be positive and move on!

Wow rant over………

What popular notion do you think the world has wrong?

Tomorrow is day 27 and I will tell you What is my favorite part of my body and why?

Day 25: If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you eat?


Day 25- If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you eat?

My dad, the most important man in my history.

Marilyn Monroe the sex symbol of the 50’s. I bet she had some great stories and who be the life and soul of my dinner party.

Ramses 2, my favourite Egyptian king. I would love to meet the man who loved himself so much he plastered himself all over Egypt. I would love to learn more of his beliefs and notions.

Coretta Scott King, behind every great man is a greater women. She and her husband achieved a lot in their life’s but she interests me more.

Edwin Hubble, I love stars and the universe and he was an astronomer and was well known for revolutionising our view of the universe. What awesome dinner party entertainment to lay under the stars with him hearing about the universe.

Elizabeth 1, the first queen of England. Again I bet she had some great stories, can you imagine being the first queen!

Now what to eat, I would have the same chef and the same meal my husband and I had on our honeymoon in Thailand. It was an amazing 7 course meal and the steak was melt in your mouth to die for.

Who would you have at your history meal?

Tomorrow is day 26 What popular notion do you think the world has wrong? I feel a rant coming on……

Day 24- Describe your family dynamic from your childhood vs your family dynamic now.


Day 24: Describe your family dynamic from your childhood vs your family dynamic now.

Family as a child was the most important thing ever. We had a very close family including of course my mum, dad and brother but also my aunties, uncles, grandparents and cousins.

Mum and dad played a big part of my life and were my main carers and the center of my family unit. I was close to my big brother and we argued, like brothers and sisters do.

My cousins were like my extended brothers and sisters, and my aunties and uncles like extended parents.

My mother’s parents were an extra support network for my mum and us grandchildren especially when my dad passed away.

My grandfather on my dads side always got his weekly visit and loved to give us sweets, he was a lovely man. His wife, my grandmother passed away before I was even born.

As a whole family we would all spend big celebrations together such as Christmas and birthdays.

The family dynamics of my childhood obviously changed when my father passed away. My uncles became more of a father figure to my brother and I. My mother took the role of both parents and did everything for us, she done a fantastic job and it must have been very hard for her. I couldn’t imagine trying to cope with losing my husband and raising two children.

The family dynamics now are different.

My husband and I are the main carers for Bean. My Husband is a very hands on father to Bean and they have a great relationship.

We are very lucky that Bean has very supportive grandparents who are at hand for baby-sitting if we ever need it. They have all got a good relationship with Bean, which is very important to me. My mum has Bean once a week while I work.

My grandparents are still a big part of my life and Bean also has a good relation with them to, they are very supportive people for him and us.

Bean loves his Aunties and Uncles, some are more involved in his life because they are local. Others don’t get to see him much because of distance and time, some live in London, China and travel for a living. I am sure as he gets older he will build his own relationship with each of them. They are all still a big part of his life and we know they all love him dearly.

Bean has a fair number of frunties and fruncles (friend aunties and uncles) who are very much a part of our family; a lot of them have children too. I hope that as Bean gets older he will find comfort and bonds in these children as I had with my cousin, an extension of our family.

Beans godparents play a big part in his life too and visit him often. He is absolutely besotted with them.

We are very lucky with the group of people we have around us, friend or family they are all the same.

Has your family dynamics changed a lot since you were younger?

So who would I have dinner with from history and what would we eat?…..well you’ll have to come back tomorrow to find that out.

Day 23- List your top 3 hobbies and why you love them

Day 23: List your top 3 hobbies and why you love them.

  1. Writing. I love it because I don’t think about anything else; it’s almost like meditation.
  2. Sewing. This is a new hobby of mine. I have wanted to get into it for a while now and I wish I did do it sooner. I love it as I like creating something new, it gets my mind ticking and I just find it interesting.
  3. My friends. As a hobby is something done regularly in your leisure time my friends have to really be on this list. They are a massive part of my life and I love having them around, whether it is to watch a movie, listen to music, talk, cook, everything and anything. I love it because they are an amazing bunch of people who are easy to love and be around.

Tomorrow is day 24 of my 30 day blog challenge where I will describe my family dynamic from your childhood vs my family dynamic now.

Day 22- Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15years?


Day 22- Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15years?

I have always hated this question! Who knows where we will be as life changes, most of the time it is out of our control. This is more of a dreamy question. I am going to answer it as 5 years and 5 years plus.

5 years- I would like to have another child or two. With my business venture I am planning up and running, making enough money to live on. My husband working happily in a job that he loves and where he is able to use his talents.

5 years plus- I would love to eventually have four children, living in a house in the countryside, with some chickens and a vegetable patch, which country? Who knows? Still happily married and all in good health. However as long as I have a house full of laughter, family, friends and great memories I will be happy.

Do you have a life plan? Or do you plan to just sail through life seeing where you end up?

Tomorrow is day 23 and I will be Listing my top 3 hobbies and why I love them. Please pop by tomorrow.